Flying BA to Madrid? Think again, it might be Iberia

BA appear to have sub-contracted some of their London Heathrow to Madrid flights to Iberia. Normally, BA tell passengers when they make this sort of change, not least because the service between the two carriers is different.

I found out when I was checking my flights for a trip next month and noticed:


Clicking in to the seat chart, it was clear it was an Iberia plane:

Iberia Seat Chart

The A320 doesn’t have 1D or 1F to allow for a closet I think.

Anyway, it might worth checking if you think you’re flying BA to or from Madrid.


  1. This seat chart is crap.

    All A320 and A321 of Iberia (and of any other airline that I know, btw) have the standard configuration at row 1, with seats 1A to 1F.

    The lav occupies the space between the front door and the cockpit. The galley does not take any space from the cabin area.

    Take it easy…!

  2. I cancelled a ticket with British Airways to Madrid about 2 weeks ago and got a full refund because of this change fyi everyone.

  3. The seatmap shown in the article looks like it’s from the BA A320s that operate from London Gatwick. These aircraft don’t have a front row bulkhead / closet in front of row 1 seats on the left hand side of the cabin.

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