Short Review – Alitalia – Milan to Rome

My flight from London City to Rome required a change at Milan, Linate. We were met plane-side by a bus and had to wait until the very last person had wandered off the plane. We were then driven to the non-Schengen arrivals area where there were only two immigration officers for dozens of passengers getting off multiple buses coming from different flights. I took a tip from the locals and ran! I was through in about 5 minutes. My connecting time was 40 minutes. A long walk from one end of the baggage hall to the other found me exiting the customs area close to a staircase to departures. Luckily it came out right by the SkyPriority security entrance. There was only a short queue at Security and I was through in about 5 more minutes.

A walk through Duty Free deposited me about 10 minutes from the gate we would be using. A queue was already forming at the Priority Line, so I joined the back.

Boarding started, via a jet bridge, about 20 minutes before departure and SkyPriority were boarded first with a passport and boarding pass check, even for a domestic flight.

There were three rows of ‘Business’ separated by a small curtain. After the eviction of a self-upgrader it turned out that I was the only passenger in this section. The flight was only an hour long, so it didn’t make much difference.


The catering consisted of a warm ham and cheese panini and a drink. Everyone got the same on the plane.


There were some decent views as we came in to land.

Unfortunately, it was another bus at Rome. This time there were two and I picked the first to leave by luck. We were driven almost the whole length of the airport and emerged near the bridge to the hotel at the airport.

A short flight hurt only by the bus transfer at the end.

IMG_0997 IMG_1001


  1. One of the useful things about ZRH, MUC and FRA is their ability to land UK passengers into the secure zone, so you only do immigration when connecting into Schengen. Lines are usually short, as it’s majority EU passport holders and there’s no need to reclear security.

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