BA to start London City to Berlin, and from Stansted – just a little!

BA Tail

From 19 June, BA will start flying from London City Airport to Berlin Tegel. It’s a long time since anyone tried flying to Germany’s capital from City Airport. I still have fond memories of flying from there to the old Templehof airport in Berlin, which was right in the City. Tegel should, of course, have been closed by now, but I think it’s great that BA has decided to try this.

BA are also running a couple of odd flights to/from London Stansted. This appears to be arranged to manage the aircraft that flies the BA rotations to southern Europe on Saturdays.

Fares seem just a little more expensive that from Heathrow (£2 in EuroTraveller), except for Club Europe which is about £50 more costly from City than from Heathrow.

Stansted flights are:

TXL STN BA 2298 Fri 21:40 – 22:30
STN TXL BA 2299 Sun 13:05 – 15:55

London City Flights are as follows:

LCY TXL BA8491 Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs, Friday 08:20- 11:00
BA8493 Mon, Wed, Fri 12:55 – 15:40
BA8493 Tues, Thurs 13:15 – 15:55
BA8495 Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs, Friday, Sun 18:10 – 20:55
TXL LCY BA 8490 Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs, Friday 07:05 – 07:50
BA 8492 Mon, Wed, Fri 11:35 – 12:20
BA 8492 Tues, Thurs 12:00 – 12:40
BA 8494 Mon, Tues, Wed Thurs, Friday, Sun 16:50 – 17:40