So what happens when you’re the only person in an AA Flagship Lounge?

Flagship Lounge JFK

It was an early, very early morning,  at New York JFK when I arrived at Security. The jet lag, a delay out of London the day before, and knowing that I had to get some work done, all made for an early start.

I was at the entrance to the Admirals Club a few minutes before it opened. The staff were inside but I was good and waited. I used to work in a shop when I was a teenager and hated people knocking on the doors before we opened. In contrast the staff waived at me to come in – they were happy to open a few minutes early. I thanked them and handed over my Boarding Pass, wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving for the previous day.

The Flagship Lounge at JFK is off the main entrance and the staff escorted me in. I then realised that I was the only passenger there!

It was a great chance to get some good(-ish) photos!

The seating areas: (no one there either)

Flagship Lounge JFK Flagship Lounge JFK Flagship Lounge JFK

At the far end from entrance is the food section. There was no hot food at the time I was there, just too early. But there was plenty of tasty items to choose from. There was bread and bagels too.

Flagship Lounge JFK Flagship Lounge JFK Flagship Lounge JFK

My favourite thing however, were the cans of flavoured sparkling water:

Flagship Lounge JFK

I took one for the flight! If you get a chance try them out, they beat the pants off Sprite!

The WiFi worked perfectly and the lounge was a haven of peace for probably an hour until passengers started arriving from the overnight flights from South America.

I was sad to leave when it came time for boarding. As it was the old US Airways flight to Phoenix, I knew it would be a walk to the mid-field terminal and ten minutes later I was at the gate.

The Flagship Lounge is available to OneWorld Emeralds and I secured entrance with my BA Gold card.