Frankfurt Airport offers range of premium meet-and-greet services

Frankfurt Airport Logo

Frankfurt Airport, one of my least favourite airports, is offering a range of new services to try and ease passengers progress through and around the airport.

The offerings group in to three different areas:


Gate to Gate, collecting you at the Gate you are escorted through checkpoints and then driven to your connecting gate in limo or golf cart. EUR99 for up to 4 passengers.

Checkin to Gate, arranges for the airport to check you and your baggage, plus that of up to 4 people, whilst you have a coffee. After this you are driven to your flight in a limo. EUR85 for up to 4 passengers.

Welcome Service is two alternative services – meeting and escort to check-in or meeting at baggage claim and escort to transfer to cab, train or car. EUR30 for up to 2 passengers.

Guide Service offering you an escort as you navigate your way around FRA. Up to 2 passengers for EUR60.


Frankfurt Departures

Home to Gate picks you up at home (up to 80km from FRA) and packs your bags in the vehicle and drives you to the airport. On arrival your bags are checked-in and you are escorted through a special checkpoint and driven to your flight. Prices, for up to 4 passengers:

Within a radius of 20 km = 129,00 €

Within a radius of 40 km = 159,00 €

Within a radius of 80 km = 189,00 €

Gate Express assumes you have no check-in luggage and have done check-in online in advance. You are driven to the airport (20km radius), taken through a special checkpoint and driven to the plane. You board by yourself. EUR99

Messe to Gate takes you from the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre to the airport – EUR115 for up to 4 passengers.


Frankfurt Arrivals

Office Express takes you from the plane to your office, meeting you at the gate, taking you through security and then driving you up to 20km to the office. EUR99.

Gate to Messe takes you from the gate, via escort and limo to the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. EUR115 for up to 4 passengers.


Some of these offers seem like a decent deal, depending on how many people are travelling, how much luggage you have in tow and how far they are going. The Hyatt Mainz is 23 km away from the airport and a pick-up or drop off at the hotel with airport and expedited security seems to be a good buy if you are nervous traveller or don’t have access to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

You can read all about the services here.