Hyatt fixes Apple iOS app

I wrote a few weeks ago about a bug with the Apple iOS version of the Hyatt app. The app was badly damaged in its latest release and would not load properly.

Hyatt iOS app 1

After the post Hyatt contacted me and asked some questions which confirmed their view that if your Language setting on your Apple device was anything except US English the app failed. Of course mine was set as UK English.

However, last week, Hyatt issued an update to the app and once again it is working fully!

The working version is 2.4.2 in case you need to upgrade.

Hyatt App OK

The app allows you to store all of your reservations in one place and to access them when needed. In addition you can view your latest Gold Passport status, points balance and stays to date. Reservations can be downloaded to Passbook and added to the Calendar on the phone.

You can also order an Uber car from the app and it displays how long the driver will be.

You can also make a booking directly from the app, which I have found most useful if you are stuck at an airport and need somewhere to stay nearby as the uses your location information – if you allow it to access that data of course.




  1. Download of reservations to passbook is still not working and has not been working for almost a year now – and Hyatt have no place to report the issue….

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