American Airlines, LA to JFK, First Class reprise

I have written before about AA’s First Class on their three class A321 planes. In a week when United has given up the ghost at JFK and switched its remaining services to Newark, I thought I’d just give some further information about the AA offering.

Talking of United, as we waited to board the plane I noticed that an overnight UA flight had arrived at Thomas Bradley Terminal. It’s so long since I have been to Asia via LA, that I didn’t know that they park there rather than using their own immigration in T7.



I have reviewed seats before and this was the menu on my breakfast flight:

AA Menu LAX to JFK

AA Menu LAX to JFK First

The parfait continues to be a fairly small portion:


But it is tasty and I like the smooth yoghurt against the crunchy granola. As normal, I have pre-ordered the hot offering, the omelette:

Omelette - AA LAX to JFK - First

And I have to say I have something about AA’s biscuits. Having had a bagel in the Flagship Lounge, I was delighted with the shortness of the biscuit:

AA biscuit - LAX to JFK - First


I had flown in from Hawaii so had 2-3 hours sleep on this flight which was great. They seem to have partially solved the cabin temperature problems. The temperature stayed fairly cool throughout the flight which I personally prefer.

We landed on time at JFK  but as I had to get to Terminal 7 for my BA flight to London City, I wasted no time in getting off. They tend to use the mid-field gates for these services so it’s a good 15-20 minutes from gate to AirTrain.

The service is pretty Ok on these services now, but it’s simply not special and as I wrote some time ago, and it might be heresy, but I think their Business Class product is as strong as their First product.

I secured First through schedule changes which often result in the AA agent rebooking in to First even when on a Business ticket.