So my BA Exec Club year is nearly over….

My British Airways Executive Club year ends on 8 May and in preparation for the reset of my Tier Points to zero (boo hoo), I have undertaken a little review of where I stand at the end of my 2014-15 year.


The Great Circle Mapper tool indicates that I have flown 150,637 miles, all credited to BA. This is interesting as so far in 2015 I have flown zero miles with United, who used to be my carrier of choice.

I’ve flown on a relatively small number of OneWorld carriers this year – British Airways (of course as you must do four segments to earn elite status with BA), American Airlines, USAirways, Royal Jordanian (new for me) and also new, Qatar Airways, including a flight on which I was the only business class passenger.

I’ve been to cities I had never visited before – Doha, Amman, Male, Punta Cana to name four.

I’ve taken one of my favourite planes, the 777-300 from Heathrow to JFK with American and from Hong Kong to JFK on Cathay Pacific.

I’ve also had a bit of a nervy time connecting in Cairo without going land-side, which seems to be a hit-and-miss affair. Equally I’ve had great hotel stays in Bangkok and New York. (With Hyatt, of course).

So at the end of the year I’ve done really well with Tier Points and managed to break through to a Concorde Room card for the first time ever. Thank you excellent fares from Dublin.

2014-15 BA Year End


So, you may ask, what does 2015-16 hold?

Well, as BA awards Gold For Life at 35,000 Tier Points that goal should be in my sights in the next couple of years. The absurd 100,000 Tier Points needed for Gold Guest List for Life are never going to materialise for me.  Had BA launched these schemes when I used to credit some flights to AA and Qantas I might have been closer, but you cannot rewrite history. However, BA’s cheat announced this week where they guaranteed no changes to earnings on flights booked by 28 April, except it turns out that meant ‘no changes as long as they had a BA flight number’ has robbed me of 28o Tier Points. Cancellations (after ticketing) to BA1/2/3/4, the London City to/from JFK service at Thanksgiving and Christmas has robbed me of a further 140 Tier Points, meaning that BA has me 420 Tier Points light of where I should be by year end.

I have a good chunk of my trips booked – Aloha Honolulu Airport – and I am hoping for a BA sale or two in their premium cabins to get those 420 stolen Tier Points back.


  1. I thought the partner earning changes were only to Avios rather than TPs? (in premium cabins anyway, which I guess I’ll what you’re travelling in)

    Also have you asked BA for original routing credit? They might not be willing to consider it in advance but I’d definitely put a retroclaim in after – I got the missing 70 TPs when my JFK-LCY flight went tech last year and I ended up CW to LHR.

    PS you certainly overshot CCR ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. @Alan:
    I will give it a go at retro-credit. The Tier Point changes all relate to LCY-JFK-LCY flights booked as AA codeshares or where they have cancelled those flights in advance and rebooked LHR-JFK. I’ll keep everyone informed of progress.

  3. Ah, got you. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve reset to zero now too but just lots of burning – might consider a TP run next year if the decent fares to HNL continue!

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