BA Changes to partner earning…apply immediately.


I wrote yesterday about substantial changes to earning rates for BA’s partners. Some have been cut 75%, for example with American Airlines – see below:

28-04-2015 05-35-29

When changes to Executive Club were announced several weeks ago, BA promised that tickets purchased before 28 April would earn the old Avios and old Tier Points. It appears now that this only applies IF the partner flight was purchased with a BA flight number.

The wording on the chart above ‘Avios for travel after 28 April’ certainly reinforces this.

A post by the BA Insider on Flyertalk says:

In answer to your questions around Air Partners, as long as the flight has a BA flight number, you will earn the Avios rate that applied at the time of booking

That certainly suggests that if the flight doesn’t have a BA flight number then the rate of Avios current at the time of booking will not apply!

You can follow the thread on Flyertalk here – let’s hope they post today to clear this up!

Interestingly I have a number of BA flights from London City to JFK booked with AA flight numbers, and it will be interesting to see if I get the reduced Tier Points (140) on this route which BA announced as part of the changes. Looking at the BA web site where I have the AA codeshare booked the number of TP’s showing in the booking has indeed gone down.