Iberia Madrid to JFK, Business Class

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It was a very long walk from the lounge to the gate, which was right at the end of the terminal – the yellow end. It appears that all US flights leave here so that additional passport checks can occur in the same location. There were moving walkways for most of the journey.

After a quick check I was able to get to the gate where people were queuing waiting for boarding:

About 10 minutes after the time we were supposed to board priority boarding started. However, we only got about half way down the jet bridge before we had to wait again.

There was a decent view of our A340-300 waiting for us.

The A330 to Miami was at the next gate and would have been preferable as it has the new Iberia seats. The A340 has the old seats.

We were eventually allowed to board and, as expected, the Business cabin has a 2-2-2 layout with the old seating

Each seat had a pillow and duvet and we were supplied with water, and an amenity kit. The legroom is pretty decent, and whilst the cabin was about 60% full I luckily had no one in the seat next to me.

Now, I have to report that I don’t have any pictures of the food as the crew were not terribly happy about cameras. So I will let you know that the food could best be described as average.

The entertainment system was provided by pop-up screen where I did manage to watch ‘Into the Woods’ although it was not great quality. I dozed despite one passenger refusing to close his window the entire journey.

There was a snack before landing and we arrived at Terminal 7 on time. A quick trip through Global Entry, despite getting the dreaded X on the receipt I was out of arrivals fairly fast.

An OK flight, but not with the best seats or food. Would I fly Iberia again? Yes, but it would need to be on the new aircraft and seats.