HNL: The Sakura Lounge – joint Japan Airlines and American Airlines Lounge

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Japan Airlines and AA share a lounge located in the main terminal at Honolulu International Airport. In the past AA shared with Qantas, but the Qantas lounge is a lot further away from AA gates.

The lounge is located above The Local, a bar and restaurant. There is a lift and stairs to the lounge. The staff warmly greeted me on arrival, explaining that I might want to eat downstairs as there was only a snack on my flight. The lounge is open and airy.

Sakura Lounge, Honolulu

There are lots of seats, located in a series of different areas. There are few electrical sockets, but in the main part of the lounge the best place for a socket is in the seats shown on the right of the picture above.

In the TV area there are snacks – danish pastries, fruit and soup with bread and crackers.

Sakura Lounge, Honolulu

Sakura Lounge, Honolulu

Sakura Lounge, Honolulu

I visited in the evening on one occasion and at lunchtime on another. The lounge always had a good choice of seats available, but was much busier on the lunchtime visit.

The view from the lounge is of the gardens at the airport, a feature I really like about HNL.

View from Sakura Lounge, Honolulu

The American gates are about a 10 minute walk, and nicely you get to go out in the fresh air for part of that walk. Spending hours in air conditioned planes and airports, this was a chance to get some fresh air.

Honolulu Airport

The gate areas are unimaginative at HNL, to say the least.

AA gates at HNL