Hints BA is getting ready to recognise AA’s Business Extra scheme

BA has already announced that it will be withdrawing it’s own scheme for Small and Medium businesses in the USA, called OnBusiness. This is being merged in to AA Business Extra scheme with effect from 27 May 2015 for US based customers only. I had a protracted series of conversations with AA/US this morning about an forthcoming trip where a schedule change had caused a misconnect. I had to go back in to the booking to check my seats and found a new option on the page where I usually go to add my OnBusiness number:

21-04-2015 13-47-27

It seems that you can now add your Business Extra number to your booking via BA. This is new.

The ticket was on ‘001’ ticket stock which means that it is AA’s ticket and I wonder if BA now knows this and offers Business Extra in preference to OnBusiness number adding.

By the way, last months flights just posted to my Business Extra account, and now seem to credit quite happily my USAirways flights flown. It rightly ignores the BA flights I took to get from Dublin to LA (although these have been credited to my OnBusiness account). Hopefully that will change on the 27th and you will be able to credit to either scheme.

21-04-2015 14-10-20

The 209 points added equal about 1/3rd of the points needed for a US domestic upgrade on AA. At the moment these upgrades can only be used on AA issued ticket stock and so are not valid, if like me, you have a BA ticket with AA segments. An email to Business Extra could not explain when or even if, this is going to change. Hopefully all will be revealed in about 5 weeks.