Poll: Grand Hyatt New York – what sort of room did my suite certificate secure?

In recent months it has become harder and harder to use the 4  Suite Upgrades given to Diamond Gold Passport members annually. Last year I used one for a stay in this membership year. (You are allowed to do that as long as you make the reservation before 28 February in the year the upgrade was earned.)

As I don’t stay very often for more than one night and so I decided to apply the upgrade for my current two night stay at the Grand Hyatt New York. Checking in they confirmed the suite and offered a better one if I could wait two hours. I was tired so took what I was told was a Junior Suite. (The upgrade had been confirmed over 4 months in advance).

Now, however, looking at their web site it looks more like my room is an Executive King. It’s a zig-zag room so a little hard to describe as it wraps around a stairwell.

So, for reference these are the Grand Hyatt’s images of an Executive King taken from their web site:

Grand Hyatt New York - Exec King Description

Grand Hyatt New York

This looks like a standard square room but the decor, sofa and table as all exactly as in my room.

This is their description of a Junior Suite:

Grand Hyatt New York - Junior Suite

Grand Hyatt New York

This is larger, has a table with four high chairs, a large sofa with a foot stool, all of which are missing from my room.

These are images taken from the room allocated.

Grand Hyatt New York

So which sort of room did the Grand Hyatt give me?

Cast your vote below – Junior Suite or Executive King?

Is this room a Junior Suite or an Executive King

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  1. I think it’s a Junior “Suite” because of that “doorway” to the bedroom. I’ve stayed there before and was upgraded to an executive king as a diamond. The room looks similar, but there was no type of division between where the bed was and the living area. I laughed when I saw the toilet…looks like something out of a high school (as does the shower). I recently stayed at the Andaz 5th Avenue and used points to upgrade a paid rate to what they call a Splash Suite. That’s a proper suite–high ceilings, massive living room then a massive bathroom with huge tub that you walk through to get to a nice-sized bedroom with amazing views. Really worth a shot there and definitely worth paying a bit (even a lot) more.

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