The homeless at Heathrow

Heathrow Terminal 2

The Daily Mail has an interesting story about a couple who are living at Heathrow’s Terminal 2 5 days a week having lost their home after a number of mistaken decisions and bad luck.

The 62 and 71 year old spend 2 nights per week at a local B&B to enable them to wash their clothes and get a full nights sleep, but the other days are spend in the arrival area at Terminal 2. They try to blend in, but there are really only about 2 hours per day when they can sleep. The article also indicates that they are not the only people living the airport life.

I am surprised that they have come out so publicly as this will surely lead to their removal from what is, after all, private property.

They use the free Heathrow Airport WiFi to apply for jobs, and their kids in Canada help out with cash, and whilst clearly not destitute they do receive some money from pension schemes and the state pension. The put they luggage on a trolley and wheel it around the airport, changing terminals.

I know frequent travellers often think they live at the airport, but this couple appears to really be doing so.




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