Air Berlin wants £0 to pay for my seat choice, and a credit card to settle it!

I recently cashed in some American AAdvantage miles for a Business Class transatlantic award trip with Air Berlin. Having called AB to get my booking reference at 10p per minute, I logged in to their web site to select my seat.

Having chosen my preferred seat I was offered the chance for pay £0 for the privilege:

19-01-2015 11-58-44

And the web site wouldn’t continue until I paid.

So I entered the credit card number and ‘paid’ and then completed the booking. Of course no charge has appeared on my Amex.

It just seems a little weird!


  1. Have they really given you a flight without a penny? Sounds a little weird!
    Nice meeting your blog these days, worthy posts!
    Happy travels 2015! Daria

    PS I would also love you checking out my photoaggregation project Carde-app dot com, and you opinion about it.

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