Travelling in London at Christmas? What you need to know.

Around 6.30am

To non UK residents the annual cycle of changes to transport arrangements can be a bit of a mystery. Much better than in previous years, at least one of the two holidays now enjoys reasonable transport. Christmas Day however, remains a bit of a ghost town for public services.

In London these are the broad changes to the Tubes are:

24 December – Tube services start running down in the afternoon and last tubes are at SUNDAY times.
25 December – No Tubes operating
26 December – First trains are around 0830 with a Sunday service operating and trains to Terminal 4 only every 15 minutes
27 December – Back to a Saturday service but almost no service on the District Line

For buses:

24 December – Saturday service but no Night Buses. 24 hour buses stop just after midnight.
25 December – No buses operating
26 December – Sunday services, except 24 hour buses will start from around 06:00
27 December – Normal Saturday service

The Overground services are more seriously impacted:

24 December – Service run down and stop around 8pm
25 December – No Overground operating
26 December – No Overground operating
27 December – Saturday services from about 08:30

Full details at this TFL web site.