BA London City to Amsterdam, Club Europe

BA aircraft from London City

I had to be in Amsterdam this weekend and managed to secure a cheap BA upgrade ticket from London City to Amsterdam. The aircraft was waiting when we were called to the gate. There was a separate Fast Track line and eligible passengers were directed to the line as our passports and boarding passes were checked.

Both doors on the aircraft were open allowing front and back boarding. The seats are arrange 2-2 throughout the cabin. There were three rows of Club Europe with 9 passengers booked.

As we boarded I saw my first FlyBe plane at City; they are a new entrant to the market here. (The BA A318 t0 JFK is at the back)

FlyBe at London City

The overhead space is limited but I snagged a spot for my small wheelie and backpack above my seat – effectively filling the bin.

We were ready to take off on time and taxied to the single runway at London City and took off towards the east – the direction of Amsterdam.

Very quickly the two flight attendants started their service. The amazing thing is that the London City Club Europe service is so much better than from Heathrow or Gatwick. The crew gave out small menus indicating two cold options – a salmon with paella pasta or a pork pie and ham plate. I chose the ham:

BA Meal from London City to Amsterdam

It was pretty tasty and about all you might expect from a Heathrow flight. However, very soon afterwards we were offered a warm savoury danish and a scone.

BA Meal from London City to Amsterdam

Shortly after the plates were cleared we were landing at Schipol and a short taxi to the gate got us in early. Always a pleasure.

A 15 minute to immigration was about average from the end of the D Pier. There was no line and I was out side ready for my bus to the Park Inn, and Frequent Traveller University 2014.