Worst Business Class airline breakfast?

Earlier in the week I flew American Airlines from LAX to Los Cabos in Mexico. The pre-booking of meals on AA is one of my favourite features but when I tried to book for this flight there was only one choice ‘Continental Breakfast – Cereal’. So I didn’t think about it too much until I got on the plane and was presented with this:

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Yes, indeed, this was Americans idea of a ‘meal’! Perhaps it should have been thought of as just the starter, in which case the image below shows the entree:

Invalid request error occurred.

Now it’s a 2:20 flight leaving around 9am so big deal, but have the courage just to say that there won’t be anything rather than the above. (No cereal in sight by the way)

May be it’s not actually the worst, but perhaps the smallest might be fairer.




  1. When I flew from JFK to MIA 1st class there was no vegetarian option. One of the flight attendants who was off duty said I could have reserved it online. When I tried there was only meat options. I then tried calling in my vegetarian option like the website says to and the representative stated she was unable to process the request.

    Maybe AA’s food choices are going down hill?

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