Great Business Class fares from Copenhagen to USA

There are some pretty decent Business Class fares from Copenhagen to the USA on sale at the moment. Many work in the autumn, most at Christmas and some continue in to 2015. (I just booked one for next July!). (About 9 DKK to £1).

British Airways, Swiss and UA all seem to have seats on sale for about £1050 roundtrip, in Business Class. You can, if you are crafty, book the London City to JFK service by forcing the connection in London from Heathrow to City. (This gives out more Tier Points – 210 against the normal 140 for a trip across the Atlantic.) These are fares with BA for example:



The fares to LA are fairly decent too:


All the above fares are further discountable using the BA Shareholder Discount (10% off the base fare) and by the use of up to 7,500 Avois to take about another DKK850 off the fare.

If you managed to book via the London City Service, you would earn 500 Tier Points, just a short jump from the 600 needed for Silver Status. Booking via Heathrow only nets 360 Tier Points, leaving you a way to go for Silver.

Options around Christmas are as follows with some good Star Alliance and SkyTeam flights if you need some additional EQM’s at year-end. The Swiss Business Class product is super and worth the experience. This for departure on 24 December for example:


If you want to try the Swiss product I found these fares work on Swiss.Com as well as United’s sites. Some of the flights when booking with UA book as codeshares with Swiss or Lufthansa.