Radisson at LAX becomes a Hyatt!

Dining Table and Sofas

Dining Table and Sofas

The Radisson at LAX is changing to become a Hyatt. This adds to the Hyatt Place at El Segundo and the Hyatt House, both close to LAX.

Why am I excited?

Well it bring the Hyatt brand to the hotel that is closest to the airport, and indeed is within walking distance of most of the terminals (couple of roads to cross). It is becoming The Concourse Hotel at LAX.

The rates are not awful, although there is no Club Lounge.

The property is really well sound proofed and I really enjoyed a stay there 18 months ago.

There are shuttles, every 10 minutes.

The web site is here.

You can read my review from my visit here.



  1. This property originally operated as a Hyatt for many years (at least through the 1980s and into the 1990s). Some time in the mid to late 90s, it was re-flagged as a Radisson (without much renovation as I recall).

    I wonder why it is reverting to the Hyatt flag? I suspect that the 15-20 year flag deal was expiring, and that Hyatt offered the owners a better deal again.

  2. @Neal – I’ve heard that hotels will periodically re-flag themselves so they can lump the renovation cost into the re-flagging cost. Makes it a different kind of expenditure than doing a renovation outside of a re-flag.

  3. Thanks -good to know! We have this one booked through Radisson for October 3 using points. We’re wondering how this will affect our reservation? We have Hyatt Platinum status – any chance they will upgrade us?

  4. I actually find this to be a major disappointment.I prefer to book using Club Carlson points and feel like this now provides one less option to use these points. There do not seem to be enough Club Carlson hotels in the US.

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