Grand Hyatt, Doha, Qatar

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On my recent trip from Cairo to Bangkok I had a long layover in Doha and decided to stay at the Grand Hyatt. This is my review of the Grand Hyatt Doha. Another Hyatt to add to my list of properties visited. (One day Hyatt will give me the free night they award randomly for people who have stayed at more than 50 different properties!).

Whilst the property is a long way from the airport, I didn’t really mind. The car picked me up at the airport, and although it was about a 30 minute drive, I did get to see a little of the city on the way.

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I was welcomed on arrival as a Diamond Gold Passport member and they confirmed I was upgraded to a room on the Grand Club floor. The agent had already set up the room for registration and so took me right there. The room was reminiscent of the Grand Hyatt in Berlin with a separate pod for the bathroom, toilet and shower with doors to the corridor or room.

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The room had a balcony with two chairs, although in the dark it was not terribly useful.

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I slept well in the excellent bed.

The bathroom had a large bath, separate shower room and basin.

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The sun rose early the next morning, and I ventured back out on the balcony. A very warm wind blew, making it feel as if I was standing in front of a hairdryer. However, the early morning light was special and enjoyed the views.

The adjacent shopping centre was visible:

The chairs would be have been pretty comfy if I had more time in the room.

I did visit the Grand Club the night I arrived but have misplaced the photos. It was large, dark with a very good selection of wines and beer and a decent selection of food. A very unhappy toddler pretty much dominated the room, and I stayed for a little while. The staff were excellent, especially when my key would not work as I get back to the room. It was fixed in no time.

A good stay, but the property is some distance from the airport. My second stopover was planned to be here but it was too far so I changed plans and booked a property nearer the airport.