Grand Hyatt, Amman, Jordan

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I had a short overnight stay between my flight to London and my onwards connection to Doha.

There is a limited choice of hotels at the airport (read just one!), and so I decided to book the Hyatt. Of course it adds to my target of 25 stays this years for elite status and as it was somewhere I had never been it was an interesting change.

A few weeks before the hotel reached out and asked whether I wanted them to book a car. This seemed the easiest thing to, and it worked well with the driver being ready for me just outside immigration. (Just be aware that the sign has a relatively small logo for the Grand Hyatt, so put on your glasses.)

The drive took about 20 minutes to the hotel. Once you exit the car you have to go through a metal detector and have your bags x-rayed. This seems fairly standard for many hotels in the more troubled parts of the world.

The reception desk dealt with me promptly and I was quickly on my way to my room. A fairly standard room, although on the Grand Club floor. (The Grand Club had closed when I arrived, and would not open in time for the morning.) Reception booked a normal taxi for the morning which was about half the price of the car from the hotel.

The bathroom was lovely (see the gold loo wall above!) and a nice stone-clad bath:

I slept well and was awoken by the prebooked alarm call. A quick bath (ahhh!) and then off back to the airport in the cab. There was no traffic and the road goes through the countryside, so you do get to see a little of the country.

I arrived, without problem, with plenty of time, for my onward flight.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A great nights stay! Will be back in August for a second visit.