Hyatt update mobile app

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Hyatt has updated its mobile app … and it works!

The Hyatt iPhone app has been one of the most frustrating I have ever encountered as it very infrequently retreived reservations properly and was generally pretty clunky.

Today that has changed with the new app being downloadable now.

The homepage is redesigned to give it more of a Hyatt look and feel (above) and your Gold Passport balance is shown right there. You can download you GP number and balance to Apple’s PassBook:

Your account information is also available:

All of your reservations are listed with the opportunity to create a PassBook entry for each, are shown and load reliably:

Picking up a PassBook for a reservation that had changed noted this fact in the app:

You can also make reservations from the app, either for cash or points:

If you turn on location services the system will be able to locate local properties for you.

A great improvement and a real step up from Hyatt’s IT Team.


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