London Buses going cashless from 6 July 2014


One of the biggest changes to transport in London will be happening on Sunday 6 July. On that day you will no longer be able to pay cash for a ticket on London’s buses.

From that day, you must either use an Oyster card or a contactless payment card. Some credit and debit cards feature contactless technology as part of their design. To know whether your card is contactless, look for the symbol at the bottom of the post on the card.

You can use a One Day Travelcard, purchased at a TicketShop or underground/rail station.

In response to complaints, TfL who are responsible for bus service operations in London, are offering a ‘One More Bus Journey..’ option where can effectively overdraw on your Oyster by the cost of one bus journey – £1.45. However, this is not available until 8 June. Of course, if your journey includes a change of buses you’re going to have to plan well in order to make sure you ride for the longest part of your trip home. Also, this isn’t a free journey, you have to clear the overdraft before you can use the Oyster again. This option doesn’t apply unless you have an Oyster.

It will be interesting to see how this settles down after the inevitable first day problems.

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