Seattle Art Museum

During my recent visit to Seattle, I was able to spend an hour at SAM – the Seattle Art Museum. Located in Downtown, the museum is pretty accessible.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The exhibits start outside with a huge statue which moves – shown above.

Once inside an installation of cars, shot through with lights are above your head:

The lights go on and off, creating a fascinating sight which changes as you see it from multiple angles as you walk through the museum.

As with many museums outside of New York and DC, they have a good selection of materials across a wide range of periods and locations. I was impressed with a lot of what I saw:

Local historical art was represented c. 1907 (ARTHUR SHAUGHNESSY, KINGCOME INLET, 1884-1945 KWAKWAKA’WAKW)

As well as installations from further away:

I especially loved this work:

The museum allows visits sneaky views of works from multiple levels and viewing areas:

I did enjoy my stay, but my real interest was not that engaged. However, worth spending an hour on a rainy day in Seattle. Their web site is here.