BA FlighPath – a chance to re-live your travel history

GhettoIFE has posted about a new feature in the BA Exec Club web site.

His stats are 41,858 miles flown, 5,023 minutes in the air, 5 Cities and 4 countries. His travels are 1.7 times around the world.

When I checked mine, I noticed that it only pays attention to BA flights – all my American and Qantas flights are ignored.

26-03-2014 12-02-56

The other screens show you which countries you have visited (again on BA), and some Foursquare-like badges I have earned.

26-03-2014 12-05-58

26-03-2014 12-06-30

26-03-2014 12-06-14

I am not sure how accurate some of the data is, for example I have never been to Israel:

26-03-2014 12-07-31

You can check yours by going to your BA Account.