Good service from Royal Jordanian

Just this last week I got some excellent service from an airline on which I have no status and which I have never flown – Royal Jordanian.

Booked to travel, using American miles, from London to Male I was scheduled as below:


Unfortunately, Royal Jordanian have stopped flying to Colombo it transpires. RJ called the phone in the booking and emailed offering an alternative routing and confirming that it was OK with me. They then went ahead and contacted American to get approval to rebook me, and then confirmed re-issuing the ticket. The staff in London were a delight and it reminded me of how things used to be – friendly efficient service from an airline, where they did the research in advance and come to me with a plan. For too long its been the other way around in my experience.

So, whilst it’s only going to be one flight with RJ now, and I really looking forward to it.

The new routing, via Qatar on Qatar Airways:


I land at a better time in Colombo too for the overnight connection. Win!


  1. Routing via Colombo to MLE on an AA award – did you pay the Europe to India/ME mileage or the Europe – Asia 2 mileage, or did you book as two separate tickets? I was under the impression that Europe to MLE via Colombo would not work as one ticket because Colombo and MLE are in different regions…

  2. My only issue with the arrangement is ANY flight on Qatar. Never again, unless I embrace slavery and do not hold your breath.

  3. @No Fly Zone – Yeah, their FAs are all slaves – what nonsense. More seats available for the rest of us then I guess:-)

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