Lufthansa Senator Lounge – C gates at FRA

My Ethopian Airlines flight to Addis Ababa left from the middle of the C gates at Frankfurt. I cannot ever recall leaving from here so after the hike from my arrival gate bus I hiked over to the Senator Lounge at the end of the C pier. I had to pass through Security to get there, and was told that I would have to do this again when I finally went to my gate! Joy!

The Senator Lounge is quite large and I was able to watch my aircraft arrive on the inbound segment from the large windows.

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The lounge furniture was predictably LH, lots of dark blue seats arranged in rows:

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The food was better than I remember it from visits of old, with lots of self-serve hot and cold items, drinks and wine.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

A number of gates board directly from the lounge which is a nice treat, and I think this flight was off to Tehran:

The decor was quite pleasant and the toilets clean and well designed:

Even the black slate walls of the loos were well designed:

Soon it was time for the 10 minute hike back to my gate and another dose of FRA Security.

So, it’s a nice, quiet, out of the way lounge, but double security is a pain.


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