Bored with Christmas already? Want to get away … Avios can help.

BA1's plane on the right

BA1’s plane on the right

BA still has some Avios availability if you are looking to get away before New Year:

26 Dec, BA117 LHR-New York, JFK – First Class

26 Dec, BA33, LHR-Johannesburg – Club and First Class

26 Dec, Cathay Pacific has plenty of seats in Business Class to Hong Kong and on to Bangkok



JFK – lots of First Class availability on 30 December in Club and First.

JNB – all flights available on 29 December in all cabins

BKK – 30 December, seats from BKK, via HKG (CX/BA), Qatar airways via Doha, primarily in Economy or Business


So if you’ve had enough turkey, mince pies and wine, you can get away to relax and unwind.

Happy Christmas all.