Hilton changes ‘Double Dip’ – removes Fixed Miles option

In a week when we’ve seen United’s huge changes, Hilton has slipped in a small change to its programme which will have big impact for many.

One of the best ways to earn airline partner miles has been the fixed miles option with Hilton. Regardless of amount paid, Hilton has rewarded with a fixed number of miles in a lot of schemes. This all changes on 6 January 2014, when the number of miles earned will be connected to the rate paid. 1 mile for each $1 paid. (The list of fixed miles earning airlines is here.)

Until January I will continue to earn 1,000 Virgin Miles for each stay. Based on an average £100 charge, this will become 150 miles after 6th.

The hits keep coming. I assume this is because buying all those miles has been seen to be too expensive for Hilton.

Hat Tip to LoyaltyLobby.