Daily Mail reports BA plane lands in Siberia

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting that BA’s flight to Beijing was forced to land in Siberia by a fault with the onboard computer.

Flighttrackers seems to support this:

28-08-2013 13-55-50

The plane, a B747-400 had 270 passengers and 16 crew. The report states that these were accommodated in hotels locally and BA had to fly out engineers.

The suggestion is that it landed in Irkutsk as S7, a OneWorld partner had a base there.

Love seeing the grass growing on the taxi way:

28-08-2013 13-59-46


  1. The lucky things…. This is a great city and very close to Lake Baikal (Largest, by volume, freshwater lake in the world. Also believe it’s the deepest).

    It’s on my “to do” list

    The trans siberian express(!) runs through here also

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