BA LHR-JFK, Club World

My connection from Dublin lead me to fly on BA177 to JFK, on the Upper Deck in 64A – a window seat in the last row, with excellent privacy.

On arrival at Heathrow, we were directed to a shuttle bus which took us straight to Flight Connections. A transfer directly across the ground floor eliminated the need for security. A longer, busy, bus ride took me to Terminal 5, where you join the security line for connecting passengers.

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There is a signed Fast Track line which had no queue and lead up (after conformance checks), to Fast Track Security at the North end of the terminal. There were 30-40 people in each of three allocated lines and they moved very slowly. It took perhaps 20 minutes to get through. This was not assisted when a passenger in front of me, had her bag moved aside for additional check and then decided to grab it out of the hands of the security staff. As you might imagine something serious happened and she went off in tears after a very serious security check.

A went to the BA First Lounge and then on the B Gate Lounge, before boarding.

My flight went from the end of the terminal – about 10 minutes walk from the Lounge

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Once boarding started I found it was the furthest plane

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A long walk from the gate to the plane:

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Once onboard I was directed to the Upper Deck:

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and to my seat

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I always like to ask the crew whether I can store my wheelie in the closet – it works as a nice ice breaker and I think they appreciate being asked, rather than told.

The cabin filled during boarding and left empty. After take off the plane turned east to the US.

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Smoked Shetland Salmon Tartare
Asparagus spears with quail eggs and Caesar dressing

Salad – Fresh seasonal salad with vinaigrette

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Seared fillet of British beef with barbeque sauce, spicy potato wedges and Mediterranean vegetables
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Roasted corn-fed chicken with summer trifle and wild mushroom sauce, herb mashed potatoes, baby fennel and carrots
Penne pasta with red pepper pesto, basil and chilli sauce, courgette and piquillo peppers
Chilled main course salad of tiger prawns, wild rice and quinoa with bitter orange dressing

Dark chocolate fondant with caramel centre and caramel sauce (this is excellent!)
Barber’s Cheddar and Somerset camembert cheese served with quince jelly and biscuits
Vanilla and dulce de leche ice crease
Fruit and Chocolates

As usual I avoided the second meal but it consisted of sandwiches, plain or fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserves.

We should have arrived around the correct landing time, but just as we were approaching the runway adjacent to the BA Terminal at JFK (7) we had to divert and use the furthest runway after a jolly trip around the JFK area. This made us about 30 minutes late

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We had to be towed in to the gate, causing further delay. Although Global Entry was working and I was out of the terminal in about 5 minutes. There was no queue so many passengers got out quickly. There was no line for taxis so I was off to Manhattan fairly quickly. (Although it took nearly an error due to an accident in Queens).



  1. That looks like a typical approach for the VOR/DME to 22L for JFK. While landing on 31R would undoubtedly be perfect for arriving to Terminal 7, the flightaware track there is similarly repeated many times a day for 22L arrivals.

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