Mercure hotels, (part of Accor), 40% off, 2,300 (2,000 outside UK) bonus points and breakfast

28-06-2013 08-44-14

To celebtate 40 years of Mercure hotels they are doing a promo for Le Club Accor members offering up to 40% off, £40 (2,300) bonus points and breakfast.

A quick check of their property in Greenwich shows it’s not a great saving, but there is value to the points and breakfast:

28-06-2013 08-38-13The rate is non-refundable, nor changeable and applies until 8 September.

Full details here.

The bonus points offer is valid for any stay between 12/07/13 and 08/09/13 and booked between 22/06/13 and 18/08/13 in participating hotels. The bonus points are restricted to one booking per member during the offer period