1. This was apalling this morning. In T1, they hadn’t posted anyone at the lifts that go directly down to the platforms. Instead, there was six of the staff being all jovial near the entrance to the Heathrow express on that long underground connecting tunnel. Issued a ticket (I was only going to T4) for the underground. Get to the underground station…. It’s bedlam…. Go to the T1 taxi rank…. at least 150 people in the queue

    So, I get the 285 bus from heathrow central, and 10 mins later I’m at Hatton Cross underground station, where I was able to get a taxi 🙂

    Heathrow is a national embarrassment. The quicker they build the better…

  2. Heathrow staff and management are truly some of the worst anywhere. The airport can be such a disaster! Often it feels like the whole concept of serving the passenger – their client – is one of their last considerations.

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