AA changes flight times from MIA-LAX, no easy connection from SJU

a screen shot of a scheduleA lot of BA frequent flyers use a good fare from San Juan to Las Vegas, and to earn additional Tier Points, connecting in Miami to LA. Until recently AA277, a three-class, international config plane, left at 1015. The 25 minute earlier departure now means that it doesn’t connect from the early flight from San Juan, which lands at 0925.

American’s solution? Rebooking me on the AA267, domestic 757, with a layover of 4 hours and 40 minutes in Miami.

I’ll be calling later!

If you are booked this way, I suggest you check your tickets.


  1. I’m intrigued as to what you’ll be asking for when you call them later? They’ve put you on the next available MIALAX right?

  2. But surely for a TP run you WANT to be on only a two class plane to ensure your K-UP fare books into F?

  3. Oh, right!! As straight paid F? It’s just I used the instant upgrade fare and my understanding was that it only bumped you from economy to the next class, hence why a two class plane needed! I’ve been worried about them putting on a 3-class and me being bumped back down to business!

  4. (sorry previous reply was @NB but didn’t seem to show up!)

    @MilesFromBlighty – OK that’s reassuring to know, I’d heard horror stories of folks being move to 3-class plans and being bumped to C with lower TP earning. Any particular suggestions as to how to best ensure one is kept in F in case of irrops/flight changes? Have BA G/OW Emerald already so that hopefully will help a bit!

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