UK news roundup

Couple stuck in a lift at the IBIS Luton and miss flight

The hotel claimed it was an ‘act of nature’ and that they were not liable when this couple got stuck in a lift, having stayed at the hotel the night before their flight to Turkey. They got to check-in too late for their break.

Pupils’ reading skills impacted by Heathrow flight noise

The BBC report here that kids under the Heathrow flightpath reach learning levels slower (up to 2 months slower) than pupils not under the landing planes.

Cardiff airport in trouble again

The taxpayer has purchased the airport for £52m following five years of declining numbers. They hope to benefit from Heathrow being full. Report here.


The UK replaces its Search and Rescue helicopters with fewer as start of privatisation of service

As part of the UK spending cuts, the Royal Navy will give up its role saving people from the water, boats and beaches around the UK. This week the Government announced that it was replacing the current 40 helicopters with 22, although they claim that 85% of the area currently covered will still be reached in the same time as now. Report here.