When the final 2 metres takes as long as the flight!

I flew London City (LCY) to Amsterdam on Friday.

The trip was pretty uneventful, although we landed on the most distant runway from the airport terminal (a 15 minute drive, from landing to terminal), and the fun started.

We approached the terminal, the pilot stopped the engine, ‘Ping’ went the seatbelt sign and rush went the passengers to get out our belongings.

Then nothing.

Those of us who could see out of the window saw the jet bridge extend and then stop, and 2m short of the plane door.

a plane at an airport at night

The Jet Bridge


The pilot apologised and after about 15 minutes they decided that rather than use the steps clearly visible above, they would restart the engines and move the plane the final 2 metres. Apparently the automatic guidance control had been set up for the wrong aircraft type.

We were asked to sit back down, but not to re-stow our bags

a close-up of a bagAbout 15 minutes after this we moved, off went the seat belt sign and up came the jet bridge at last.

All told, the time on the ground pretty much equalled the time in the air!


  1. Or even ‘all told’? 😉

    Probably still quicker than my last two BA flights into T5 where we landed at an international stand, jetbridge connected, but then we had to get off via the rear steps and onto buses!!

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