Are SAS about to go bankrupt? (Not the same as stopping flying BTW)

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This article from Sweden’s English Language paper suggests that SAS may go bankrupt.

According to reports in several Swedish media sources, Scandinavian Airline SAS is reported to be close to bankruptcy with staff set to be told to take a pay cut or face losing their jobs.

The article does not suggest that they might stop flying, just that there may be redundancies and/or pay cuts.

Might be worth keeping your eyes open as this story develops



  1. For us living in Scandinavia this is old news. SAS would have gone under years ago if it weren’t for state support (it’s a prestige thing) from three countries. They have such crippling pension commitments that they will always struggle to profit, but I think they’ll be saved again. Norway is already considering it even if the staff take a pay cut. They just emailed to try to calm customers down and guaranteed they were not considering selling EuroBonus as had been rumoured…

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