Living in an Olympic City – Part 9 – Mass Bell Ringing!

a clock tower with a blue sky

In what seems like a typically British experience, there is to be mass bell ringing on Friday to mark the start of the Olympics.

Other countries send their car owners out to hoot their horns when they win at football, and the US Midwest is ‘famous’ for people shooting guns in the air on New Year’s Eve (where do they think the bullets go?), but Britian is perhaps best know until now for it’s 2 minutes silence on the 11th of November to mark its the fallen military.

This new event will occur at 08:12 on Friday.

Participants include Big Ben, which will chime 40 times. The first time it has run outside of its normal schedule since the funeral of King George VI in 1952.

This forms part of a work of art connected to the Olympics Cultural Festival.

Lots of organisations will be taking part, including the Royal Navy, various Government Departments and even the British Antartic Survey, where they will apparently be banging pans as there are no bells down there.

It will be interesting to see what the public make of all this.

More information from the BBC here