Living in an Olympic City – part 6 – TSA coming to Heathrow

BAA – the operators of Heathrow, London’s largest and busiest airport has confirmed to one of our papers that the TSA asked permission to come to Heathrow for the Olympics to ‘help US passengers’. They appear to be here from next week until after the Paralympics end – so about 8 weeks in total.

A spokesman for London Heathrow told the Mail last night: ‘The US Transportation Security Administration requested, some time ago, to base a small number of staff at Heathrow and other UK airports to assist the additional numbers of US passengers travelling to and from the UK ahead of the Olympics.

Let’s hope they are only assisting US passengers!


  1. There’s always something sinister about government agencies, particularly those with substantial quasi-legal powers, offering to “assist” people.

    It’s so sad that the response to 9/11 is that the USA starts descending to the level of a police state and that the UK seems only too keen to follow suit.

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