bmi still doing status match for BA Golds

There was a thread in Flyertalk recently indicating that bmi were still granting status matches for BA Gold Executive Club with certain conditions:

  • They want to see a copy (front and back) of your BA card
  • You need to have some bmi flights booked
  • You cannot have been matched before
  • Other (non-BA) airlines elite status matches need to compete with bmi

So, after collating all the details (copies of card, PNR’s etc), I emailed the address in the thread. After a couple of email exchanges, lo and beyond, I am a newly minted Diamond Club Gold Elite.

a black card with gold text

New Diamond Club Card


No idea what will happen when (if) BA acquires them, but it’s worth having for a year at least – 4 Gold upgrades make me a certain bmi flyer this year!

Details of Elite Benefits at bmi are here.