The Signature at MGM Grand, Las Vegas

When I first planned by trip for the few days before the One World MegaDO I planned to go to Las Vegas. I found quite a good deal on a one bedroom suite at The Signature, part of the MGM Complex. I paid about £100, through Jetsetter. (Sponsored Link).  I had some referral cash so this seemed a good deal. In the end it was not such a good deal as The Signature was offering room around $100 when I checked a few days in advance of my stay.

In fact when I read TripAdvisor, I became a little concerned about a couple of reviews which mentioned problems when using reservations made through Luxury Suites International. It turned out that Jetsetter’s offer was through LSI. The property seems to be primarily a timeshare location with some of the rooms rented when unoccupied on a short or long term basis.

The day before I was due to check in I called LSI to confirm which Tower I would be staying in. There are 3.

Upon arrival at the hotel the cab stopped at Security and the Guard confirmed that I was at Tower 1. The cab ride from the airport was about $15. There was no queue at check-in, but as I was there at 2pm, I was warned that the room might not be ready. However, after a little tapping, my room was confirmed on the 30th floor. The agent explained how the hotel worked and where I might find things I needed.

On arrival at the room, my first impression was very good:


a living room with a couch and dining table

Living Room


The living room had a large balcony with a good view of the airport:

a view of a city from a high point

Airport View from Balcony

There was a kitchen area and a bathroom (with a shower) in the lounge area.

The bedroom was large, with two windows, and a desk which held the TV also.

a bedroom with a desk and a bed


The bathroom was large, with a shower and jacuzzi bath:

a bathroom with a bathtub and a sink


There were plenty of towels, and bathrobes in the cupboard.

There is a covered walk way which links The Signature to the MGM, and the Monorail. It takes about 10 minutes. There was a Starbucks in the lobby, and a small shop selling sodas, cookies, crackers and beer/wine. The prices in the shop were high, $3 for a small bottle of coke.

I ordered room service which was priced about what I would expect, arrived on time and tasty and well presented.

I left fairly early in the morning and had to walk to Tower 2 as the Tower 1 (and 3) Receptions close overnight. Check-out was easy and taxis were plentiful and outside the door.

OVERVIEW: A pleasant stay where the amenities would have been great if I had been there for more than one night. I would return, but book directly through the hotel web site where the prices seem better.


  1. I was there for CES. Taxi driver from airport asked which route I wanted to take, “highway” or “surface” route. Not knowing better, I said whichever is fastest, then he said highway is faster, and we took that. Came out to be $25! I later found out surface route was about half the distance and wouldve been around $15. Was extremely unhappy. But I suppose the good experience at The Signature sort of made up for that.

  2. @Ted

    Did you know you got scammed? The surface streets (local) is the fastest way to any Las Vegas hotel.. next time call the Las Vegas Taxi Authority and report the driver.. $15 vs. $25 .. that’s a way they make $$ and more $$ = more tip money

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