Evicted by Emin – BA001 – 29 Dec 2011

I checked in online with BA 24 hours before departure and printed a boarding pass for 3J. When I arrived at the airport, the staff told me that I had my seat changed to 3B – ‘in order to accommodate a family’. We had a look at the seat chart and found that 1J/1K were both free and as everyone had pretty much checked in, they moved me to 1J and blocked 1K. Pretty nice of them in the circumstances.

Imagine my surprise when I boarded only to discover Tracey Emin sitting in 3K and 3J empty. Seems that I was relocated in order to accommodate Ms. Emin having 2 seats. Not fair BA!

However, to be totally balanced, I was happy with 1J/1K as I had two seats together. Perhaps it would have been better if BA had proactively moved me to 1J/1K and explained that they had a VIP on board who needed to two seats.

(To be truthful this is only made slightly worse by the fact that I loathe Ms. Emin’s work! For those that have any interest in her – Wikipedia Article Link)




  1. Emin used her position to get what she wanted. Exactly as you are using the blog to protest (and you will most certainly receive a better email from BA).

    Your blog post wreaks of hypocrisy.

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