UK Travel Credit cards – bmi launch Dual Card scheme

Just when I thought my review of bmi credit cards was completed, they come along and launch another variation. This time it’s two cards (one Amex, one Visa) for the price of one. One credit limit of course.

BUT – Different earning rates!

Key facts:

close-up of credit cards20,000 mile welcome bonus if you spend £250 in 90 days

Amex – 3 points per £1 on and 1.5 points elsewhere

Visa – 1.5 points per £1 on, but only 1.5 per £2 elsewhere

16.9% APR – 0% on balance transfers for 12 months, if done in first 90 days – 3% fee

0% on purchases for three months


A bit harder to work out whether this is a good deal or not, as it would be too easy to assume that you would (of course) use your Amex everywhere for the higher rate. So:

£12,000 per annum spend in Year 1

All on Amex – no bmi – 38,000 Destination miles

All on Visa – no bmi – 26,000 Destination miles


  1. The problem with the Amex card is that here in the UK there are very few stores that actually accept it, hence why you would most likely be using the Visa more often.

  2. I understand that BMI has been taken over by British Airways. I have a BA executive card and I should like to have all my airmiles transferred to that account. I have tried telephoning without success.Please confirm that you will carry out the transfer.

    Mervyn Smith

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