BA have released the one thing they left out of the announcement on the changes to Executive Club – namely the new Tier Point earning levels.

Clearly it’s not the doubling that would have been required to keep the Euro-based members happy. Personally I think they are pretty generous, especially as it appears that they will apply to OneWorld partner flights also.

For me, as a current Gold in the UK, it’s time to make a decision about renewal. Do I chase it for 2012? Do I ‘move back to Europe’ before my membership is up, and most importantly do I do a series of mileage runs using the K-UP fares on American Airlines or pay for the LCY-JFK-MIA-TPA ticket I have on hold with AA for £1600+ but 700 Tier Points. Decisions, Decisions!

Interesting for me is the confirmation from the BA Rep at that flights >2000 miles on BA partners will earn the new Tier points – read it here

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One Response to “BA Executive Club Changes – announcement of new Tier Point earnings for Long Haul flights”

  1. NYBanker says:

    Thanks. This is helpful info. Most of the doomsday bloggers who contend that BA is gutting the program don’t focus on these important details.

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