Scotland and Wales want 8 day quarantine for arrivals

Following the UK Government’s announcement that arrivals must take a PCR test in their first two days after arrival, the Scottish and Welsh devolved governments want isolation extended to 8 days. This would put back the old regime of tests on Day 2 and Day 8 with quarantine until the result of the Day 8 test is known.

With cases of the new variant identified in Scotland, and which do not appear to be connected to travel, there is a concern that there are more infections than expected already in the UK.

I suspect the real problem here is that countries will decide ad-hoc what to do, and that as the UK is testing more, we’ll appear to have more cases and so be the recipient of a ban.

Personally I am supposed to go to the US, via Bulgaria mid-month, and worry that this is seriously at risk if the US takes steps against Europe again or Bulgaria – already a very restrictive country for entry, becomes even more so.

A UK Government announcement is expected later in the day UK time. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister says that no further restrictions are planned.