Topcashback ends transfers to Tesco Clubcard

Overnight an email dropped in my mailbox from, the cashback site. The site has been useful in earning Avios by switching them to Tesco Clubcard points and then on to Avios.

However, it appears that Tesco is ending this relationship on 31 July 2016.

If you have cashback you want to convert then you have about 8 weeks to do this. Bearing in mind that there is an annual maximum you can transfer to Tesco, it is worth checking now how close you are to it. The earning level for the direct transfer to Avios is much lower than ‘washing’ the cashback through Tesco Clubcard, which might be the reason for the end of this relationship. I will keep an eye out to see if Tesco pops up elsewhere as other cashback sites exist.

This is a real disappointment and questions the value of, especially after the loss of Hilton as an earning partner.

This is the email:

We are getting in touch to let you know about changes to payout options available. Tesco has recently made some alterations to its Tesco Clubcard scheme and as a consequence from the 31st July 2016, Tesco Clubcard points will no longer be available as a payout method. While we realise this may be frustrating for members, TopCashback tried to do everything it possibly could to keep Tesco Clubcard as a payout method on site.

Our records show that you have either previously used Tesco Clubcard as a payout method or have registered your Tesco Clubcard to your account so if you would like to take advantage of the Tesco Clubcard payout method one last time you have until the 31st July to do so.

We have spoken with members who have previously used Tesco Clubcard as a payout method and a third told us they exchanged cashback for Tesco Clubcard points to then transfer them into airmiles points (i.e. Avios). Three in 10 swapped cashback into points for restaurants vouchers and a fifth paid for family days out. 

However, with 23 other payout options on TopCashback, most of which have added bonuses, much of what members were using the Tesco Clubcard payout method for is already directly available. This includes:

  • Avios points
  • British Airways Executive Club points
  • The Restaurant Card
  • Great British Pub Card

We are also currently exploring some new exciting ways we can enhance our payout offer even more and will hopefully be in touch soon to share some news.