There IS a First Class Lounge at London City Airport afterall


I was tipped the wink that London City had quietly launched a First Class Lounge, available to some passengers travelling from the Airport. There are a number of catches:

  • It is a paid lounge – and at £150 (+VAT) per person, it’s at the absolute top end of charging I have ever seen
  • Not all airlines at London City participate – British Airways and Alitalia don’t support the initiative, which comes from the airport.

Located in the private jet terminal, the lounge is usually reserved for passengers with their own plane!

The web site supporting this describes the process thus:

Passengers departing have the luxury of being collected from the terminal or airport car park and transported directly to the lounge where a selection of food and refreshments awaits their appetite. Your luggage is taken care of from the moment you arrive until the moment you step onto the aircraft, so you are able to relax and enjoy the calm and warmth of your surroundings. We have a dedicated and discreet security team and with no other queuing passengers, your time with us can be maximized to its full potential. Enjoy being escorted to the aircraft’s steps when the time finally comes to fly. Arriving passengers are immediately collected with their luggage and driven to the lounge where customs and immigration are on site. With no queues to contend with, your journey back into the heart of London is a smooth and efficient one. Once processed, you are able to have full use of the facilities and conclude your trip in luxurious style.

You can use the lounge on arrival or departure.

Departure arrangements are:

  • Arrive to our Private Jet Centre, situated away from the main terminal as one of our VIP’s. Whether its private car, public transport or your own vehicle you arrive by, the First Class Lounge is easily accessible by all modes of transport. We can even book a private car to come and collect you.
  • If travelling with hold luggage we can check in, tag and transport all your baggage for you. However, if travelling light; check in online, print your own boarding pass and all that’s left to do is relax in our Private Lounge
  • Light refreshments, catering, hot and cold drinks are all available from our First Class Lounge. However, if there is a special request to enhance your experience, remember you’re a VIP, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • When it’s time to board your flight, pass through our private security screening area and enjoy the comfort of a private chauffeured drive to your aircraft.

Arrival arrangements are:

  • From the minute you step off your aircraft, arrive in style and be greeted by a dedicated member of our First Class Lounge team, who will personally drive you away from your aircraft and up to our private facilities.
  • Pass through and clear all customs and immigration checks through our private lane situated within the First Class Lounge facility.
  • If you have time to spare, relax in our First Class Lounge and enjoy use of our free Wi-Fi and selection of refreshments until ready to complete your onward journey.
  • If time is of the essence and you need to leave fast, have one of our team take you to our car parks to collect your car or be dropped off at the DLR station where you can be in the city of London in less than 30 minutes. If carrying on the VIP experience, have a private car collect you from the lounge and take you to where you need to be. All of this directly from our Private Jet Centre facility.

An employee of the airport was kind enough to give me a free ticket to try the lounge. Unfortunately currently my Alitalia flight next month is ineligible but I hope that might change in time.

However, if you’ve got £180 to spare this is the link to their web site.