BA Exec Club Status – Part 6 – Status for Life

Gold for Life

Gold for life

British Airways operates the Executive Club such that once reaching 35,000 Tier Points they will renew your Gold status for Life. Like any scheme, this could be changed at any time, although one wonders what the real cost of this is to BA.

At 35,000 you are exempt from having to requalify for Gold status by securing 1,500 Tier Points per annum.

If you are really intensive traveller and manage 100,000 Tier Points in a lifetime you would qualify for Gold Guest List for life. However if you think about flying LHR-JFK in Club World the Tier Points needed for GGL for life would equal 357 return journeys. Of course there was a time when BA didn’t give Tier Points, so it’s probable that there are a relatively small number of GGL for life flyers in the world!

As you can see I passed the 35,000 Tier Points needed for Gold for Life last year. BA sends a nice welcome email, but I haven’t received any other recognition. Although in truth I was not expecting it.

BA Gold for life email

This concludes the series on BA status which I hope you have found useful. I will look at how to spend Avios next week, which is wholly more complex!