BA Club Europe, London to Hamburg

BA Club Europe to Hamburg

British Airways Club Europe product is much maligned. A lot of that comes from decisions made by BA designed to increase profits. As with many  changes to the airline industry this serves to make the experience less pleasant for passengers.

My flight featured a number of these – reduced leg room, 3-3 seating in both Club Europe and EuroTraveller, and the standardisation of meal services by tiers to Europe.

The 3-3 seating in Club Europe means that whilst the middle seat is left empty the seat you sit in is as wide (or as narrow) as the seat in EuroTraveller. I had secured a seat in Row 1, and this has probably the most room, except the exit rows on our Airbus A-320 plane.

Newspapers are available in the jet bridge and there are none on board so make sure you take one.

I was travelling on the very last flight of the day and so had read everything of importance earlier. Luckily BA now allow you to use your personal electronic device (on flight safe mode) during taxi, take-off and landing. I usually settle in with a movie on the iPad whilst everyone is boarding.

The flight wasn’t full and so we were ready for push back on time. Leaving from the A gates at Heathrow can be a tricky business for taxi as you usually have to go to the other end of Heathrow to take off. We took probably 20 minutes from push back to wheels off.

Once in the air, crew came around with hot towels. Perfectly fine by me.

Drink were then offered, and unlike me normally, I indulged in a small bottle of champagne. The upgrade had cost me £79 one-way and I took it as the Tier Points would prove helpful for my push to Gold-for-Life with BA.





BA Club Europe to Hamburg

The meal was a cold plate. It was fairly tasty in truth and the crew were generous with the warmed bread rolls.


BA Club Europe to Hamburg

Tea and Coffee were delivered after the meal.

We arrived on time at Hamburg and were lucky enough to secure a jet bridge for disembarkation. I find that in lots of parts of Europe BA parks mid-field for the overnight storage of its planes.

There is a reasonable walk at Hamburg with Passport Control at the end of secure area servicing several gates. A short walk through baggage claim and I was outside in a taxi to the Park Hyatt.

All around a decent BA Club Europe flight – nothing to get excited about, but perfectly serviceable.